July 16, 2015

The Many Physical And Mental Benefits Of Jogging Or Running

_DSC3976Besides feeling like you’re about to fall over, do you know that invigorating feeling you get after having finished jogging or running? Whether it’s a race or a consistent pace in the park, running has so many physical and mental benefits. It’s one of the best forms of exercise, a popular choice for conditioning, relieving stress, making time for thinking and much more.

Do you currently run often, or have you been a runner or jogger in the past? Some people push themselves a little too hard when running, and that should be avoided. Build consistently if you want to jog or run for longer distances. Anytime is a good time for jogging, but you definitely might want to consider the morning time.

There is nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn and getting a nice run in to start your day. If there are other people in your household that are going to be up when you get back, you’re going to notice the difference between how you feel vs. how they look and feel. You’ve just gone on a jog, and now it’s time to eat breakfast.

When you go on a jog in the morning, you’re jumpstarting your metabolism, which will in turn benefit your digestion. It’s the perfect time for breakfast because you need that fuel to start the day, and your body is working harder now to absorb the nutrients from a healthy breakfast. Besides, you don’t want to eat before your run, or you might be doing something else on the finish line, puking.

An attitude adjustment and a more positive overall outlook on the day is possible courtesy of a morning jog. Why? Jogging is exercise, and it is proven to help release extra endorphins in the brain, which in laymen’s terms means that you’re happy.

Of course, you don’t need someone to tell you the benefits of running when it comes to the relationship between dieting and exercise when trying to lose weight. Running can help you burn calories, and it can help you tone up your body and build endurance and stamina. It can help make your more flexible, too.

Running also teaches you discipline, as you put one foot in front of the other, confidently making your way to the finish line. Whether you have a physical marker, or you are timing yourself using a stopwatch or your cell phone. Choosing to run each day is also part of that discipline.

Where do you like to go for a jog? Perhaps your spot is the park, or maybe you go back and forth between a few different places. Running can be very relaxing although it wouldn’t seem as though exercise could be relaxing. It’s relaxing in a therapeutic way, relaxing to the mind, and many people use it as a time to think about life and sort things out.

Other people, however, will tell you that they clear their mind when running and listen to music. Each person handles running or jogging differently, but the fact remains that there are a ton of both physical and mental benefits when it comes to jogging.

Sometimes you’re at home or somewhere else, and your day just might not be going right. It’s not exactly a time to explore new forms of exercise, travel all over creation or get creative; it’s time to vent your frustrations. A nice jog can help you clear that head of yours and get you thinking straight again. Running also helps with your lung capacity. Now you can see how running is one of the most important forms of cardiovascular exercise.

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